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Josh Tarling – Becoming more aerodynamic on the bike 

Fresh off the back of a podium at the Cycling World Championships in the elite individual time trial, British Pro Josh Tarling shares some wise words about becoming quicker and more aerodynamic on the bike, a key element when maximizing time trial performance. 

Here are 5 key tips from Josh to help cyclists get moving faster than before: 

  1. When on the bike, roll your shoulders in to make your front end as small as possible.
  1. Adjust your position on the bike and focus on tucking your head to reduce aero drag.
  1. Helmets play a key role in aerodynamics. Find a helmet that best fits you. You should always feel the tail of the helmet on the back of your neck. 
  1. Get a bike fit! This will ensure you can still put out power in your aero position.
  1. Get flexible. Focus on loosening your hamstrings and glutes so that the aero position on the bike doesn’t take too much strain on the muscles.

In search of the ultimate speed? Try any of Josh’s tips and you’ll be flying on your next ride.  

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