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INEOS Grenadiers at the Tour of Britain 

This Sunday marks the beginning of the 19th edition of the iconic Tour of Britain, with 8 days of back-to-back road racing making up the UK’s biggest bike race. A strong selection of the world’s best teams and riders will arrive in Manchester, the birthplace of British Cycling, hoping to achieve success by the time they reach the dramatic mountaintop finale over Caerphilly Mountain in South Wales. 

Home fan favourites, the INEOS Grenadiers, will once again be out in force, using the passion of the nation to aid them through combat amongst some of the UK’s most challenging terrain. 

As well as the incredible home support, discover how the Grenadiers will be fuelled by their favourite Science in Sport products in pursuit of inspiring victories! 

Has Tom Pidcock got what it takes to beat his 2nd place from 2022? The 23-year-old Northern powerhouse is coming off a stunning victory in the mountain bike cross-country Olympic race at the UCI Cycling World Championships, and he’ll be calling upon the Beta Fuel gel to help fuel him to even more home success in 2023. 

Top 10 finisher in last year’s edition, Magnus Sheffield, will be in strong use of his favourite grapefruit Hydro electrolyte tabs to help avoid dehydration and maintain sodium levels lost through sweat. The UK may not be expecting a heatwave, however 1300km (about the distance from Florida to New York City) of racing will still cause sweat levels to be high. 

The Spanish warrior Carlos Rodriguez is another young but extremely strong rider who will be aiming to help the team to more success after a staggering stage win in this year’s Tour de France, helping him to a top 5 overall finish. The Strawberry and Lime Beta Fuel gel is his personal favourite fuel, especially when ‘pushing hard’, which will come in clutch as he battles up the 10% average gradient of Caerphilly Mountain. 

Proud Brit Connor Swift is another strong asset for team INEOS over the 8 days. The Beta fuel range is a great favourite of his, described as a ‘big bonus’ and a ‘massive factor in keeping your carb levels topped up’ which for sure will be crucial in providing the optimal intake for the performance boost he needs to wow the excited home crowd. 

The experience of Luke Rowe will be a strong asset for the Grenadiers in this year’s edition, a race that is close to Luke’s heart after achieving his first professional victory at the opening stage in 2012. Like many of the team, the delicious flavour of the unique Beta Fuel chews has resulted in them becoming his number one fuel of choice, as ‘it feels like a bit of a treat as opposed to nutritional race food.’ 

After participating in his debut Tour de France this summer, Ben Turner will play a key role in the team’s success and will be hoping to find lots of Lemon Beta Fuel chews at the bottom of his musette which are ‘super easy to eat and get an easy 45g of carbohydrate’ – fuelling him around the country, providing a welcomed boost to finish strong in Caerphilly.  

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