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Millions of people have returned to gyms, swimming pools and sports clubs in recent weeks in search of their fitness fix – but training alone isn’t enough for you to reach peak physical health.

A balanced diet, quality sleep and hydration are vital to prepare and recover from sporting performance, but even then you may still need a little help to keep your body in tip top shape.

Hard bouts of training and competition can compromise your immune system and make it difficult to replenish your body with all of the essential vitamins and minerals needed to function at an optimal level.

Supplements offer a quick and easy addition to a balanced diet and we’ve been hard at work developing three world-class products to help you to hit and maintain your personal best.

Daily Multivitamin

What’s the product?

If you don’t always have time to cook the perfect, nutritious meal and worry that your sporting performance could be affected, our daily multivitamin is here to help you stay on track.

Each capsule is crammed with 20 essential nutrients that will ensure your body isn’t deficient in any vitamins and minerals, meaning you can train and compete to your full potential.

How will it help?

Our multivitamin could boost your energy levels and metabolism and the addition of iron will ensure you can pump blood and oxygen around the body efficiently during exercise.

When should I take it?

Consistency in your training and nutrition is essential if you want to perform at your best. Take one capsule per day consistently and it could help you to maintain full physical health.

Vitamin C

What’s the product?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve never been more aware of avoiding and fighting off illnesses and vitamin C is vital in helping your body to do just that.

Government guidelines recommend consuming 80 mg of vitamin C per day but we don’t think that’s enough and our new product is crammed with 1000mg per serving.

How will it help?

Vitamin C will help to boost your immune system and protect you from chronic disease. It could also help to manage high blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease.

When should I take it?

One serving per day will be enough to get your daily recommended dosage.

Vitamin D3

What’s the product?

Yes, we know it’s the summer, but for most people living in the northern hemisphere, getting enough vitamin D from the sun can be pretty difficult for most of the year.

To help, we’ve created a new soft gel that contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 so that you won’t be deficient even when the clouds have returned and you’re stuck inside during the winter months.

How will it help?

Vitamin D deficiency is common in people who work or train indoors for most of the day and can cause excessive fatigue and tiredness, and increase the risk of stress fractures and illness.

Taking a vitamin D3 soft gel will help you to avoid those potential symptoms and also facilitate the normal functioning of your immune system, as well as aiding muscle repair.

When should I take it?

Take one soft gel per day and you’ll have all the vitamin D you need even if you can’t make it outside to catch a few rays of sunshine.

Written By

Alec Fenn | Health and Fitness Journalist and Copywriter

Alec has been interviewing athletes and coaches and writing about health, fitness and nutrition since 2010. He's contributed to a host of national publications including BBC Sport, FourFourTwo magazine, The Independent and the Daily Mail. As an amateur sportsman and avid gym-goer he has a passion for finding out how sports nutrition can help athletes reach peak performance.