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This month means ramping up training with a couple of races in the diary aimed at a fitness test and also course preparation for the upcoming marathon in April. SiS ambassador, Amritpal Ghatora, gives his top fuelling tips for running.

A different sort of race – a much more of a raw pace test. Mixed in with Parkruns every 2/3 weeks this keeps my race sharpness in good check with the shift to increasing the volume, aerobic base and speed in training.


How am I fuelling my training and what is working for me?

To start I have 500ml of Hydro (Berry) every morning when I wake up. Why? It gives me the kick start I need first thing in the morning and fills my body with added electrolytes ready for the day of training. It also tastes great and I can consume it quicker than water.

Pre and post runs I have trialled using Beta Fuel along with GO Electrolyte drink which I use to fuel much longer runs. I find these provide ample amount of carbohydrates, taste great and are a good way to take on board fuel to prepare for the heavy training ahead.


What do I take during?

Personally, a gel every 4-5 miles works for me. The amount has fluctuated over the years with pace and time, but without fail I always get some fuel on board around that mileage. However, I would not take a gel on a 6 or 8 mile run for example, I reserve gels for the runs over 90 mins. Flavours wise, I love the raspberry and berry with added caffeine at the later stage of the run – it works a treat! These flavours sit well with my stomach, but I like to mix up the flavours each week, kind of like a lucky dip.


What helps me to recover from a training session?

I have been using REGO and the GO Energy Bars for almost 18 months now and I believe they help me recover quicker, and also give the best blend of carbs and protein.

I always prepare REGO in advance as timing is critical for me. At the track, it’ll be in a sachet in my bag. If I am running from home, I’ll mix it up in advance and pop into the fridge so I can consume as I get through the door. Maximising recovery is a key part of my marathon training. REGO aids my recovery process so that I come back stronger, ready to go again.

I also love the taste of the GO Energy Bars. These provide the added boost to the energy levels before a session or as a snack during the day.

I stand by the range of SiS products that I use, they work for me and my requirements and really help fuel my marathon training.

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