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We’ve all been there. You put together a good block of training and performances and then illness or a stomach upset halts your hard earned progress.

If you want to avoid time on the sidelines then prioritising the health of your gut is a good place to start and can bring a host of health and performance benefits.

The gut and brain are connected and research has shown that your gut creates chemicals that affect how your brain works – meaning if you take care of your gut you’re also taking care of your mental health.

Your gut contains a mix of good and bad bacteria but your body can’t create all of the good stuff so you need to obtain it from your diet, which is why we’ve created Pro Bio +.

What’s the product?
Designed specifically to boost gut health, Pro Bio + is available in gummy, powder and capsule form and will ensure your gut has all the healthy bacteria it needs to function efficiently.

How will it help?
Stress, dehydration, travel and eating processed foods can cause an imbalance of gut bacteria – leaving you feeling unwell and unable to train or perform at your best.
Pro Bio + reduces the risk of an upset stomach by keeping out pathogens and harmful bacteria. It could also boost your immune system and mental health by ensuring a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.

When should I use it?
Take one serving of Pro Bio + on a daily basis for maximum benefits. The timing of your intake isn’t important but you could add it to your breakfast and give your gut a healthy start to its day.

Written By

Alec Fenn | Health and Fitness Journalist and Copywriter

Alec has spent the last 11 years interviewing athletes and writing about health, fitness and nutrition for magazines, websites, newspapers and brands. As an amateur sportsman and avid gym-goer he has a passion for finding out how elite nutrition can help both professionals and amateurs to reach peak performance.