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New year, new decade, new me right?

With January comes expectations, and with these expectations comes the pressure to reinvent yourself at the start of the new year and become a new version of yourself. Which is just not necessary! To be able to look ahead at this next decade with excitement and confidence in yourself, without feeling intimidated by the feat that lies ahead, here are a few tips in regards to goal setting for 2020:

It’s as simple as ABC!

When it comes to goal setting, you need to tier your goals. The simplest method is to grade them A, B, C, with A being your reaching, “go for gold” goal for the year and C being the short term, realistic, just tick off kind of goal. As an example, A may be to podium at the World Age Group Triathlon Championships, whereas C could be run a park run every weekend in January.

Be realistic.

It is important that with the tiering you also are realistic in the number of A, B and C goals you set yourself. There is nothing worse than feeling disheartened because you have bitten off more than you can chew. By rule of thumb you should have only one or two A goals to focus on, a handful of B goals, then as long as time and life allows, as many C goals as you need to stay motivated!

Make sure to keep them in sight, literally!

If you do not see your goals on a regular basis to remind yourself of what you are working towards and the reason for the early mornings, weekend alarms etc. it will be hard to stay motivated, let alone be able to start ticking them off. Once you have tiered, refined and finalised your 2020 goals, make sure to write them down and put them in a place where you will see them on a regular basis without having to go out of your daily, habitual routine. This may be on a post-it on your desk at work, bedroom mirror or even on the home-screen of your phone.

Be flexible and trust the process.

It is one thing having your 2020 goals spread across your mirror, but with a new year comes new challenges, whether this be injury, work commitments, family emergencies, everyday life etc. To ensure 2020 is as successful as possible, your mindset needs to be flexible and open. So yes, you may not tick off all of your goals this year, some could be postponed and a few may never get started. However, if you do one thing each day that takes you closer to your goals, then that in itself is an achievement.

And remember to smile!

This year has 366 days, which makes it even more important to smile and be thankful for something everyday. This outlook will make those hard days a little easier, the dark days a little lighter and the endless days a little shorter, then before you know it those goals are within reaching distance and you will definitely be smiling!

Photo credit: Jeff Thoren

Written By

Eloise du Luart