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Fuelling the INEOS Grenadiers: Tom Pidcock

  • Name: Tom Pidcock
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 1.70 m
  • Nationality: British

What does your diet look like on the day of a race?

For breakfast on race day, I usually eat 300g grams of cooked rice, a three-egg omelette, toast with jam and fruit juice. To keep fuelling on the bike, I will have a combination of SiS gels, energy bakes, rice cakes and paninis.

How important is hydration at a race like the Vuelta?

Hydration is hugely important for races like the Vuelta, as the weather tends to be very warm. To stay hydrated throughout, I take fluid onboard every 30 minutes, dropping SiS Hydro tabs into my drinks for a bit of extra fuel.

Do your fuelling priorities change when you move from a flat stage to a mountainous stage? If so, how?

Mountainous stages can be significantly more demanding, so I tend to increase my fuelling. This means taking on more carbs per hour and using more fast-releasing gels and energy drinks. I try to eat more solid foods during flat stages, as they are a little more relaxed.

What is your favourite SiS product?

My favourite is probably the SiS Grenade Gel (developed exclusively for the INEOS Grenadiers by Science in Sport’s Performance Solutions Team). It is great for fuelling, has a good variety of flavours, and the name sounds cool!

What is your celebration meal after a stage or race win?

When I am away at races, I go for a good burger and chips. When I am at home, I like to celebrate with a curry or a good old-fashioned fish & chips with mushy peas!

Written By

Julia Deufel - content writer and consultant

Julia runs her own marketing consultancy, working with businesses and non-profits in education, nutrition, fitness and the arts. She also teaches a blend of HIIT and Pilates she developed and is an avid indoor cyclist. Julia is an advocate of effective altruism and believes in the power of sport to change lives.