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Fuelling the INEOS Grenadiers: Jonathan Castroviejo

  • Name: Jonathan Castroviejo
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 1.71 m (5 ft 7 in)
  • Nationality: Spanish


What does your diet look like on the day of a race?

Before a race I always fuel myself with lots of carbohydrates, like porridge and rice. I also try to include some meat or fish in my diet to ensure that my body has enough protein to recover. After a race, I refuel and then treat myself to some chocolate.


Do your fuelling priorities change when you move from a flat stage to a mountainous stage? If so, how?

Definitely! On flats days I eat more solid foods like cakes and paninis. During really difficult rides, I prefer to consume SiS gels as they are quick and easy to digest.


What are your favourite SiS products?

My favourite products are definitely the race drinks and gels, like SiS Beta Fuel – there is a great range of flavours and they provide just the right amount of energy exactly when you need it.


When you open your musette in the middle of a stage during the feed zone, what do you always hope to see?

At this point, I’m pretty excited to see any food, but I am always happy when I see some bakes in the musette.


What is your off-season or post-race guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure would be a BBQ pizza, but I’m also a big fan of brownies and Tiramisu!

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Julia Deufel - content writer and consultant

Julia runs her own marketing consultancy, working with businesses and non-profits in education, nutrition, fitness and the arts. She also teaches a blend of HIIT and Pilates she developed and is an avid indoor cyclist. Julia is an advocate of effective altruism and believes in the power of sport to change lives.