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Fuelling the INEOS Grenadiers: Dylan van Baarle

  • Name: Dylan van Baarle
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)
  • Nationality: Dutch


How important is it to stay on top of your nutrition with the manic nature of road cycling?

Nutrition is very important – as riders, we need to stay on top of it constantly to make sure that we have enough energy for both races and training. SiS have a great line-up of products to help us with this throughout the season.


What does your diet look like on the day of a race?

I normally start the day with a breakfast omelette, toast, avocado and salmon. Before training, I like to have porridge but on race days I usually swap this for some rice and soy yoghurt to fuel me for the competition. It also tastes a lot like rice pudding, which is nice!


How do you stay on top of optimising your nutrition? Do you take vitamins, minerals and supplements? If so, what are your go-to supplements?

I usually use SiS Protein, Nitrate and Energy bars to keep me fuelled in training. I tend to save the gels for the late stages of a race because they are so easy to digest. On hot days, I also take SiS Electrolytes to help my recovery.


What is your favourite SiS product, and which flavour do you like best?

My favourite SiS product is the GO Energy Bake, especially the new Tiramisu flavour. That one goes down really well!


What is your celebration meal after a stage or race win?

My celebration meal would definitely be a hamburger and sweet potato fries followed by a nice dessert, like a white chocolate cheesecake! I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so it makes sense that the Tiramisu bake is my favourite!


What is your guilty pleasure in the off-season or at the end of a race?

My guilty pleasures would have to be chocolate and Dutch apple pie. I try to not stop off at too many cafés when I am in the Netherlands because the apple pies are too tempting!


Do you swear by any favourite home-cooked recovery meals when training at home?

I really like Italian food, so pasta is normally my go-to carbohydrate source for my post-training recovery meals! I always combine this with SiS protein though to make sure that my muscles get exactly what they need.

Written By

Julia Deufel - content writer and consultant

Julia runs her own marketing consultancy, working with businesses and non-profits in education, nutrition, fitness and the arts. She also teaches a blend of HIIT and Pilates she developed and is an avid indoor cyclist. Julia is an advocate of effective altruism and believes in the power of sport to change lives.