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In the 2024 Giro d’Italia, riders will cover a total of 3,400 kilometres and nearly 45,000 metres of elevation gain across the 21 stages, with most of that coming in the five mountain stages. Energy demands will be extremely high for all riders throughout the Italian Grand Tour, however these demands will vary depending on the stage. Below demonstrates how the fuelling strategies of a pro cyclist differs depending on the type of stage; flat, mountain or time trial.


With elevations of upwards of 4000m climbing within a stage means that riders will expend exceedingly high amounts of energy and therefore it is of critical importance to not only ensure riders are well fuelled before these stages with carbohydrates but also to ensure they are maximally fuelling throughout them with the right types of carbohydrate-based products.

Where the climbs are coming thick and fast, the riders will be opting for “easy formats”. The BETA Fuel range was designed specifically for these scenarios, to deliver high amounts of carbohydrates in the optimal carbohydrate ratio of 1:0.8. This allows riders to conveniently fuel as high as 120 grams of carbohydrates per hour during these tough mountain stages.


ProductCarbohydrate contentAdditional content
1 x GO Energy + Caffeine22g75mg caffeine
3 x BETA Fuel Chew135g 
1 x INEOS Grenadiers Rice Cakes20g 
1 x BETA Fuel Nootropics40g200mg caffeine, 250mg Cognizin® Citicoline, 1g Taurine and 200mg Theanine
3 x BETA Fuel Gel120g 
3 x GO Energy Powder Bidons94g 
4 x BETA Fuel Bidons320g 
Totals730g (121g per hour)275mg caffeine, 250mg Cognizin® Citicoline, 1g Taurine and 200mg Theanine

*This is an approximate breakdown of what the team might take onboard for a mountainous stage of approximately five hours of riding. Formats and products will change depending on rider tolerances, preferences and stage requirements.


Riders will be encouraged to feed more on solid-based foods like the GO Energy Bake and even BETA Fuel Chews. However, as it gets towards the business end of the stage, gels like the GO Isotonic or BETA Fuel, are ideal. The delivery format of these products allows for a quick and easy energy boost that will help keep the riders in the right position towards the front of the bunch. 

The riders will also take on board GO Energy Powder or BETA Fuel 80 Powder, for energy and hydration. 


Product Carbohydrate content 
2 x GO Energy Bake 60g 
3 x BETA Fuel Chew 135g 
3 x INEOS Grenadiers Rice Cakes 75g 
2 x INEOS Grenadiers Mini Paninis 40g 
2 x BETA Fuel Gel 80g 
2 x GO Energy Powder Bidons  94g 
2 x BETA Fuel Bidons 160g 
Totals 644g (107g per hour) 


Each rider will approach their time trials differently, e.g. riders will have their own individual meal plans for breakfast, pre-race meal and top up snacks. The nature of the TT means that aerodynamics is key, and due to the shorter length of the stage riders will not typically require any additional intake during the race.

Riders usually consume products that are rapidly absorbed, e.g. products like GO Isotonic gels or the BETA Fuel gels will be used in preparation, to top up energy stores in an easy way prior to the start. A number of riders will opt for using the BETA Fuel gel + Nootropic gels 45 minutes before the start of their TT to give them that mental and physical boost.


 ProductTimingsCarbohydrate contentAdditional content
Breakfast  Individual Nutrition Plan
Recon 2 x GO Energy BakeThroughout the recon30g per bake
Pre-race mealIndividual Nutrition Plan
Snack 1 x BETA Fuel Chew46g 
Caffeine1 x BETA Fuel Nootropics45 minutes before the start of the TT40g200mg caffeine, 250mg Cognizin® Citicoline, 1g Taurine and 200mg Theanine  
Warm-up1/2 BETA Fuel Powder in Bidon.Throughout the warm-up40g 
Start1 x BETA Fuel Gel-5 min before the start40g 

*This is an approximate breakdown of what a rider might opt to fuel on in the build-up, timings will be specific to the needs and tolerances of the rider.


As soon as the riders cross the line the recovery window begins and the focus quickly shifts to the following days of racing. The sooner the riders start that recovery process the better, as there’s only a short window before the stage starts the next day. This is where having a complete recovery solution in a simple and easy format like REGO Rapid Recovery is essential to helping the team race hard, day after day.

Follow the INEOS Grenadiers Riders during the Giro d’Italia here: https://www.ineosgrenadiers.com/

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