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Around The World In 80k

For a runner, it doesn’t get much better than taking in a new city by running it! Whether you’re looking for a grey sky escape or happen to be holidaying at our world class picks, we think our selection of the world’s finest trails ranging from the sun-kissed beaches of Brazil, to the peaks of Petrin Hill in Prague, will get your running juices flowing!


North America – Washington – Ford Bridge, Minneapolis

Hitting the States this year? Earn your racing stripes on this 5*, 11k route along the lakes of Minneapolis. Taking you from Washington Bridge to Ford Bridge, you’ll do well to find a more relaxing run!

Click here to see the full route!

Nutrition tip: The best way to fuel your run is to consumer a carbohydrate based breakfast. After sleeping, your liver glycogen levels will be low as these stores are used overnight to maintain your blood sugar levels. A carb based breakfast around 2 hours before the start of your run will not only give it enough time to digest but also help to top these stores back up, ensuring you are ready to start your run full of energy!


North America – Canada – Niagara Waterfront, Niagara

Fancy taking your training to one of the Seven Wonders of the World? This 7k route in Niagara, Canada, is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon run along the renowned Waterfront with a rewarding finish; the beautiful view of The Niagara River.

Click here to see the full route!


South America – Brazil – Ipanema Beach Run, Rio de Janeiro

Heading to Rio for this year’s Olympic Games and want to keep your training up while you’re there? Then look no further, Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro makes for the perfect running destination. Neighbouring the famous Copacabana, this route is the perfect 10k to take on while watching the sunset.

Click here to see the full route!

Nutrition tip: If you’re heading out for a long run, ensure you hydrate fully in advance. Try and drink 500ml-1000ml of fluid between waking up to when you begin your event. This helps you to be fully hydrated before the start. An electrolyte solution increases fluid absorption and retention and will prevent excessive urinary volume, meaning you can enjoy your run without having to worry about where the nearest toilet is!


Europe – UK – Coniston Fell Run, Lake District

Experience something different and try your hand at Fell running in picturesque Coniston in UK’s Lake District. Take a step out of your comfort zone and scale the hills in the North West of England in a beautiful yet challenging run.

Click here to see the full route!


Europe – Czech Republic – Petrin Hill Pursuit, Prague

Heading to Europe for a quick city break? The Prague Castle run is a beauty. Packed full of history, this 6.5k route is quick and beautiful, and will allow you to catch a glimpse of some of the pearls in Prague’s crown, including St. Vitus Cathedral, Strahov Monastery library and the Petrin Hill Tower.

Click here to see the full route!

Nutrition tip: Hill runs can be much more demanding on the legs so recovery is key post-run. The 30-minute window post-exercise is when your body’s metabolism is most elevated, making It the perfect time to consume a recovery shake. SiS REGO Rapid Recovery provides fast-acting carbohydrate to replenish depleted glycogen stores, as well as protein to help rebuild and maintain lean muscle mass.


Africa – South Africa – Soweto Park Run, Johannesburg

Looking to take your training up a notch? Take on this high-octane route in Soweto and experience full-on high altitude training, peaking at a cool 5,438ft. What a way to experience South Africa!

Click here to see the full route!


Asia – Indonesia – Bali Marine Park, Gianyar

Looking for something further afield, this exotic route is one not to be missed! A glorious 10k that spans across Bali Safari and Marine Park, this run really is a one to brag to your friends about.

Click here to see the full route!

Nutrition tip: Don’t forget that rehydration becomes even more vital in hot climates. The amount of sweat you produce will increase in hot temperatures. Vital electrolytes are lost during sweat, so it’s important to think more than water. Try using an electrolyte drink such as SiS GO Hydro; this will help with fluid retention thanks to its optimal dose of sodium.


Australasia – Australia – Brisbane River Run, Brisbane

Fast, flat & fantastic; this is a wonderful 15k route in the heart of Brisbane’s botanical gardens, take in the sights while enjoying this beautiful route.

Click here to see the full route!

Nutrition tip: For any run that will last 90 minutes or more it is sensible to think about refuelling during it. Your body can only store enough carbohydrate to last 90 minutes, after which it will have no glycogen left for fuel. SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels are an easy, fast and convenient way to deliver your body with carbohydrate during training.

Do you have an epic running route planned? Be sure to post your picture on Instagram and tag @ScienceinSport using #FuelledByScience – we’ll be randomly selecting the best images over the course of the year to win some great SiS products!

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