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SiS GO Electrolyte Powder - 1kg

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Product Information

GO Electrolyte contains a blend of an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate as well as electrolytes (such as sodium) that promote optimal hydration.

A combination of energy sources and electrolytes enhance your body’s ability to absorb water during exercise, maintain your endurance performance and protect against cramp. The product is mixed at appropriate concentrations of carbohydrate (36 grams as a 6% solution), sodium (20 mmol/L) and fluid (500ml serving) in order to achieve the combined aims of energy and hydration.

Key Features

  • • 36 grams of carbohydrate per 500ml serving
  • • High in sodium to promote hydration
  • • Delivers energy and fluid fast
  • • Contents: 1kg Tub

Product Uses
Recommended Usage

Drink 500ml every 45-60 minutes of exercise or as required. Once prepared, consume within 24 hours.

Directions for Use

For easy mixing use SiS sports drinks bottles which have markers to indicate the correct level of powder. Or, add 40g of SiS GO Electrolyte (2 scoops = 40g) to 500ml of water in a bottle & shake well ensuring the lid is firmly closed.


Both carbohydrate depletion and dehydration are two of the major causes of fatigue in endurance exercise. A common mistake made by endurance athletes is to consume too much or too little carbohydrate at inappropriate concentrations, causing lack of carbohydrate absorption or gastrointestinal problems.

In addition to ensuring optimal carbohydrate stores and hydration status before exercise, delivering additional carbohydrate and fluid during exercise is known to improve performance, race times and delay the onset of fatigue. The specific formulation of SiS GO Electrolyte represents a strategic approach to offset the negative effects of carbohydrate depletion and dehydration on your performance.

Informed Sport Registered

Our complete product range is developed using a world-class approach to banned substance testing, providing assurance for athletes. For more information on Informed Sport & our unique world class approach, click here.

Suitable For: Vegans, Vegetarians, Lactose free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free, Soya Free


GO Electrolyte - Blackcurrant

GO Electrolyte - Orange

GO Electrolyte - Raspberry

GO Electrolyte - Lemon and Lime

GO Electrolyte - Tropical

Nutritional Info

For nutritional information about the individual flavours please contact customer service. Example below is for Lemon & Lime flavour.

Typical ValuesPer Serving (40g)Per 100g
of which sugars6.7g17g
of which saturates0.0g0.0g
Calcium27mg (3%)66mg (8%)
Magnesium5mg (1%)13mg (4%)
Potassium60mg (3%)150mg (8%)


Carbohydrate mix (93%) (Maltodextrin (from Maize), Fructose), Citric Acid, Electrolytes (2%) (Sodium Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate), Natural Flavouring, Sweetener (Aspartame). Contains a source of Phenylalanine


GO Electrolyte - Orange

GO Electrolyte - Blackcurrant

GO Electrolyte - Lemon & Lime

GO Electrolyte - Raspberry

GO Electrolyte - Tropical

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What is the difference between this and SiS GO Energy drink?

SiS GO Electrolyte contains 36g of fast absorbing carbohydrate with the addition of balanced electrolytes which increase water absorption.


When should I use this product?

SiS GO Electrolyte is great for when you're sweating heavily and you need to balance energy with hydration. Combine the powder with 500ml of water and consume one per hour during exercise lasting over 90 minutes, along with other carbohydrate sources e.g SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels.


Do I need to preserve this once open?

Once opened, keep the product cool and dry and don't exceed the best before end date.


Can I mix this with GO Energy or Hydro Tabs to get all the benefits?

We don't recommend combining the products together into one solution because the products have optimal carbohydrate and sodium levels. Combining them will alter the concentration of the products, making them no longer optimal.


How many scoops do you need per normal 750ml bottle?

Use 3 scoops in a SiS 750ml bottle.


Does this product contain Aspartame?

Yes, aspartame is added to make the product more palatable. It is one of the more researched sweeteners and is safe to consume.


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Verified Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 96 Reviews
Paul Kenyon

Great product that I stick to religiously. Easy to mix and dissolves quickly.


Use this during my sport to keep hydrated


Certainly puts those salts back into the system once you worked out a hard sweat


Works for me, good taste, mixes well and does what it says on the tin!


Tastes really nice, really like it

R Harris

Brilliant great when used with SIS energy over 50 miles

Welsh Biker

Excellent for when you're putting the miles in

Karen Butterworth

Tastes good not overwhelming

John Orton

Great re-hydrater, better than just squash and water.


Good after a run to get you going again


Excellent fuel drink been using it for years.

Matt V

Love the product! Works really well

Anthony Goebel

Chemical tinged lime flavour, but strangely compelling.


Love the flavour, fresh mouth & hydrated on a ride


Good product, works well and selection of flavours


Good value and my favorite flavour in the range

uel Gordon

I like these I would take them when I go out on the Bike and also drink them during the day at work.

Darren Davies

Great product

Jason Price

A must have item for me as i do a lot of running and after a long day at work a few mouthfulls of this drink sets me up for a good run/session.

Colin Tipper

Neither mixing or warning instructions are in English and it's correct use cannot be guaranteed... Every language. OTHER THAN ENGLISH.???

Bill .S

Great product always use it

mr mark roberts

Excellent product, can really feel it working. Great taste too.

Yalman Omar

Excellent addition to protein shake for extra carbs - runner

Nicholas Broad

Great taste, easy to mix, good value

Craig Proudlove

Really liked this product, tastes like the “light” orange lucozade IMO. It seems to help me during long runs to finish stronger than just water

Jamie Duff

Amazing stuff great buy !

David Major

I wouldn't cycle without it.

for your order

it gives me all the necessary nutrition on a bike ride or long run. But I'm not too keen on the flavour. That why its only a 4 star.


Always using this product for my cycling

Paul Doherty

Great item

Barry Jardine

Tastes great and definitely does the job

ieuan Davies

Brilliant product

Jason Lovelock

Superb supplement drink


Good for durability, good taste


Essential for replicated performance day after day; rehydrate or bonk




Nice taste, fuels me on the longer cycle rides

Igor Monteiro

Good service from SIS. Great product, it helps me a lot in my long bike rides to keep me hydrated and it gives me a bit of extra energy. The tropical flavour is delicious and sweet which makes it easier to drink. I found later that you can have it cheaper from eBay.

Tony Garner

Great product with great results used this for years and never been disappointed


Good for energy boost during cycle training


Great for a pick up when i am on the trails, easy on the stomach with a great taste. Also very speedy service, i always buy energy products from you guys.

Brian Gorman

Brilliant swear by it

Customer Bob.F

This is now my new favourite. Definitely a winning formula. Lovely taste and very refreshing on a hot cycle ride.

Rory Smyth

Great tasting drink that really aids hydration during exercise/work.

Phil Collier

I’ve used SIS electrolyte for many years. I believe in its performance,I use it for all my bike rides and all the flavours taste great too.

Mike Cherrington


Mrs Julie Penny

Easy to mix with a pleasant taste.

Ray Edmonds

I have suffered with cramp all my life and SIS GO has reduced the attacks in frequency and intensity. The taste is great and the powder is not only effective but also far cheaper than other bottled products. It also cuts down on plastic waste because I used the same container every time. Save money and the Planet - try it.

Jason Rowe

mixes well. tastes good


Great tasting electrolyte drink that actually works. In my opinion. Energy levels kept at a constant level if sipped throughout exersize when required. Excellent overall.

Caspar Heederik

Nice for open water swimming

Ian Cooper

Real Quality Product


My go to sport drink. I mostly mix it less strong than these instructions, great for hydrating on a long warm spin or during a race


Good flavour, not too much sugar. Perfect for all distances


Fantastic energetic boost

constantinos christodoulou

Great taste. My personal favorite one.

william crosby

Good gear nice palletable flavour

Kevin Dann

Useful product and have used sis electrolyte for years, however this one seems bit thicker and sweeter than previously. Still mixes well and does the job may go back to tropical next time, although unsure if the whole electrolyte recipe has changed?

uel Gordon

Very good i use for out on the bike and also when am at work

Gavin Grant

Very Good Product

ian mccarthy

Excellent product at a great price

Maksym Sheptukha

Ok ok okay

Jim Moyles

Great taste, not corbonated 🙂 but doesnt dissolve as quick as I expected.

Sheila Norris

Does what it says on the tub.

rich c.

Used this flavour before, easy to drink

Barry Hunt

Refreshing and simple to mix. Gives me a real boost in the half-marathon.

Derek Eveleigh

Does what it says on the packet


Tastes great mixes well first class product


Love this on a training run, great flavour and refreshing

Darren Hensley

Great taste and flavour. No problem with digestion.


Nice and fresh taste, and works for me with no cramps

Jakub Papciak

Good taste. Product as per description. Recommended.

Paul --Harding

Great product at a great price

Sean Crossan

Excellent product. Have been using it for years and will continue to do so.

Peter Wood

Easy to take and nice taste electrolyte


Great item - super quality and good value for money. easy to use and very tasty - great for your sports.

David B

Solved my cramping years ago and continues today

Andrew Ross

It works and it tastes good too

Linda Dewhurst

Super tasting hydration


Great product and price


Good for someone like me who sweats a lot. Good value in the 1kg size.

Jason Cates

Great flavour, perfect size tub for cycling training rides, and the double espresso sachets tgat cane free with it were stunning!

ieuan Davies

Brilliant product!


I got this for my partner it tastes good and it good for hydration

Jade Morshead

I have only recently started using the SiS Go Electrolyte on my long runs. The Raspberry flavour is great.

Christopher Lorch

Thank you it's what I needed

Brian Jones

Great taste, have been using this as my go to hydration now for years. Just the best.


Incredible!! recovery rate less than 30 mins over 104 miles (cycling) and it tastes nice.


Great price I dont know if it's in my head but half way round my ride I stop for a drink and the second leg feels easier

Tracey Johnston

You notice the difference when on long runs and need a little energy boost , and hydration

Mr Goldsmith


Big calves

Does the job on the tub


A good price taste good

John Revers

I really like it. It tastes nice and i'm sure it works.

Ethan Pierce

I was always getting lemon and lime electrolytes, but this raspberry one is amazing. The tast is great and it mixes with water well. It tastes like a squash so it's easy to drink just for the flavour. Very good product

Mark Taylor

Again I am yet to try this as I am have only just started the blackcurrant flavour. Good value for money though.