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BEST BEFORE END - 30/09/2020

Take your long rides to the next level with this complete cycling pack which includes:

  • 7 x GO Isotonic energy gels
  • 2 x GO Caffeine gels
  • 2 x GO Energy + electrolyte gels
  • 2 x GO Electrolyte sachets
  • 2 x GO Energy sachets
  • 2 x GO Energy bars
  • 1 x REGO rapid recovery sachet

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Rated 5 out of 5 based on 8 Reviews
Christopher Rowlands

A really convenient pack with pretty much everything you need. I bought this to fuel a fondo. Shame the event had to be cancelled, but this will get divvied up for training sessions. The gels are great taste and the texture is just right to make them feel really refreshing. I actually look forward to having the next one. Bars fit perfectly in pouches or pockets and are perfect when you need something to chew on. Powders always mix perfectly leaving no bits and always work a treat. Although, I really miss watermelon flavour. And a lovely rego sachet for afters! Mixes smooth and creamy. Always a welcome treat after a workout session or ride!


Totally Perfect

Ian Osborne

You won't be left short before, during or after with the contents of this box

John S

Exceptional value in this pack.


Lots of choice and some nice flavours.

Keith Tanner

Great value pack with all you need for a good bit of training

michael majhu

Great value for money


Great tasting