Gut Health Supplements 

We know that Gastro intestinal distress is a key performance determinant, which is why we’ve specifically developed Pro Bio+ based on scientific research on endurance athletes.  Wider than this, the gut is incredibly important for optimal health. If your gut is out of whack, it can affect your overall health and wellbeing quite a bit, even your mood.
Not only that, but the gut is central for immune health. It actually contains around 70% of the body’s immune cells, so it’s incredibly important to take care of. One important part of having good gut health is the good bacteria found in the gut. Each time that we eat, our gut bacteria helps break down our food so that we can use it to function. During this process, our healthy bacteria produce compounds that help your body work optimally and support your immune function. This is why it’s important to eat a balanced, healthy diet, and it’s also why gut health supplements are very popular. 
Our probiotic supplements are designed to support optimal gut health, and are a convenient way of ensuring your gut is full of that all important good bacteria. 

Research specifically conducted on endurance athletes has found probiotic supplementation to reduce GI destress in the latter stages of marathon running. Whilst a separate study showed a significant decrease in cold & flu symptoms, resulting in more training days and better performance.


Pro Bio+ Capsules

Our probiotic capsules are our highest strength probiotic supplement. Research shows that probiotic supplementation helps increase carbohydrate metabolism in endurance athletes, meaning they can help you perform at your optimum level for longer. 
Our probiotic supplement contains 42 billion CFU of good bacteria. This good bacteria lines the wall of the gut and helps stop toxins from passing into the body, helping support your overall health. Not only this, but this healthy bacteria can help support weight loss, improve digestion, and reduce bloating and gas. 

Pro Bio+ Gummies

Our probiotic gummies are an ideal low sugar way of getting good bacteria into your gut. Capsules aren’t for everyone, so these make a great alternative if you’d rather chew a tasty supplement.
Just two gummies a day could help really improve your gut function and reduce the symptoms of an imbalanced gut, which can include an upset stomach, food intolerances, weight gain or loss, and fatigue, among others. 

Pro Bio+ Powder

Our Pro Bio+ Powder is the most adaptable format in the range, simply add 1 scoop to your morning smoothie or recovery shake to benefit from 5 billion gut friendly cultures. Containing added Inulin in the form of chicory root extract to further promote digestive health, and L-glutamine as an energy source for intestinal and immune cells.


Stress, dehydration, travel and eating processed foods can cause an imbalance of gut bacteria – leaving you feeling unwell and unable to train or perform at your best. Pro Bio + reduces the risk of an upset stomach by keeping out pathogens and harmful bacteria. It could also boost your immune system and mental health by ensuring a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.



What are the benefits of probiotics?
There are a wide range of potential benefits of supplementing with probiotics, including, improved symptoms of IBS, improved immune health, reduction of inflammation and prevention or treatment of diarrhea. 
Who should take probiotics?
You could benefit from supplementing with probiotics if you have a weak immune system, often experience gas and bloating, have allergies or asthma, a mood disorder or disorders, irregular bowel movements of diarrhea, or are taking antibiotics. There really are a whole range of benefits. 
Are probiotics safe?
Probiotics are safe for the general population. You should follow the instructions and stay within the recommended dose. Some side effects may occur, such as temporary gas, bloating or constipation. 
How long should I supplement with probiotics?
You should take the recommended dose for at least four weeks, and stick to the Science in Sport supplements if they’re the ones you started with. Each brand may have different products, so it’s important to remain consistent.

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