• Caffeine is one of the most widely researched supplements in sport nutrition and benefits have been seen across a range of sports


• How caffeine benefits performance is predominantly via central effects, stimulating the brain and nervous system


• Various supplementation protocols have been used in research, often at doses or timings unattainable to the everyday athlete


Study Aims and Location

• To examine the effect of ingesting a GO Energy + Caffeine Gel 10 minutes before a time-trial (TT)


• This study was completed at The University of Portsmouth



• 13 male participants completed 3x 2000 m rowing TTs, separated by a minimum of 3 days


• The first TT was a familiarisation test, with no supplementation ahead of the row. The following 2x 2000 m TTs were considered the exercise trials

• The trial conditions were a) 1 x GO Isotonic Energy Gel and b) 1 x GO Energy + Caffeine Gel, both taken 10 minutes before the TT


caffeine gel study


• 2000 m TT performance was significantly improved following the ingestion of a GO Energy + Caffeine Gel compared to GO Isotonic Energy Gels alone


• There were no differences in heart rate between the two trials




1. The co-ingestion of CHO and caffeine, in a GO Energy + Caffeine gel, significantly improves TT performance when compared to CHO ingestion alone


2. Performance benefit was seen with a relatively low dosage of caffeine taken close to the start of exercise

3. GO Energy + Caffeine Gels are proven to improve performance when taken 10 minutes before high-intensity exercise


Scott, A. T., O’Leary, T., Walker, S., Owen, R., & Scott, A. (2014). Caffeinated carbohydrate gel ingestion improves 2000 metre rowing performance. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.