Introducing LABA by SiS

A New Partnership to Empower, Educate and Develop Young Talent Within the Los Angeles Bicycle Academy


Science in Sport (SiS) and Los Angeles Bicycle Academy (LABA) have launched a new long-term partnership to support the mission of empowering, educating, and developing young people from underserved communities, through cycling.

Furthermore, the partnership will aim to support the most talented young riders with a structured approach to their development designed to maximise their potential in the sport.  Excitingly this covers both female and male race teams, with SiS fully committed to encouraging female athletes in all sports.

These talented young riders will race for ‘LABA by SiS’ in junior stage races as part of their continued development and will attend junior camps with SiS partner and elite Crit Racing team, Legion of Los Angeles.

Through this long-term commitment to investing in and supporting the youth of Los Angeles through LABA, cycling will be the vehicle that provides opportunity and access to the power of sport, giving young people the chance to realise their potential in life, and as athletes.   

Stephen Moon, CEO of Science in Sport said:

We are delighted to partner with Los Angeles Bike Academy, giving our long-term commitment to support the great work they do in enabling the underserved youth of Los Angeles. Sport can play a positive role in the development of young people, and we look forward to contributing to their development as individuals and as athletes.

Damon Turner, Founder of Los Angeles Bike Academy said:

Los Angeles Bicycle Academy was started with the idea of creating opportunities for young people in my community that look like me. This partnership with Science in Sport will allow our team to raise its level performance and create the bridge to the elite level of cycling. This is the next level opportunity we have been working towards. We are committed to developing talent in underserved communities and beyond.

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