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SiS HMB Supplement - 500mg - 90 Tablets



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  • 1000mg Magnesium
  • Informed Sport tested
  • 90 days supply
weight loss
gluten free
wheat free
dairy free
nut free


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90 days Supply


The Science in Sport HMB is formulated with 1000mg of HMB.


HMB (or beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid) is an active metabolite of the branch chain amino acid Leucine.


Benefits of Science in Sport HMB


There is increased interest around HMB supplementation and its role in preventing muscle catabolism. During exercise, muscle protein breakdown occurs, and a small amount muscle tissue is metabolised for energy production. Both of these processes can have negative outcomes on performance. The ability to reduce the magnitude of these processes may result in improvements during exercise, in particular, endurance performance.


HMB is tested under the Informed Sport Certification program. This approach involves testing every single batch of SIS finished product, which leaves the Company’s factory, screened against the 2018 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. Banned substances including steroids are tested to the level of 10 Nanograms per gram, and stimulants to 100 Nanograms per gram. Batches (sampled at the beginning, during and end of each product batch) receive the recognised and respected Informed Sport* certificate and Science in Sport provides the documentation to athletes on request.

Product Uses
Recommended Usage

Consume 2 tablets per day with food.

Nutritional Info
  Per Serving (2 capsules)
HMB 1g
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What is HMB?

HMB, or beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid, is an active metabolite of the branch chain amino acid – Leucine.


What does HMB do in the body?

HMB acts as an anti-catabolic agent in the body. Helping to prevent muscle breakdown and muscle tissue metabolism during exercise performance (1, 2).


Why Science in Sport?

The Science in Sport HMB has been formulated alongside Team Sky, to support performance and recovery in endurance athletes.


When should I take HMB?

Consume 2 HMB tablets per day with food.


Is it Informed Sport tested?

Yes, HMB is tested under the Informed Sport programme.

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Dominic O'Sullivan

Recovery and coping with intensity much improved