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Name: Alexander Kochetkov

How tall are you?

207 cm (6’9”)

Why are you attempting this?

Goal of the project is to celebrate 100th anniversary of Lithuanian independence and to raise 1m USD for 100 charities around the World.

How do you train and recover when you are competing in 2 Ironman events every weekend?

It is simple, Monday is recovery day, so nothing more than just an easy swim. Tuesday easy ride to get lactate moving, Wednesday is travel day, so depending on how far and how complicated travel is it is either stretching/yoga or an easy run, Thursday is swim and bike day with some short but effective intervals to keep the speed, Friday is bike and/or run.

What charities are you raising money for?

It is 100 different charities from Norway to South Africa and from USA to Japan. To name a few: Arctic One in UK, Elevate in Ireland, Sightsavers in Italy, Silver line in Lithuania, Running4Help in El Salvador, Norwegian Red Cross in Norway. Because 1m USD is to be divided between 100 charities, I look for organisations or private individuals where the donation of 10000 USD per charity will have direct impact and an immediate effect. So the money goes to a family that lost everything during hurricane Irma, child that needs a transplant surgery, warrior that needs a prosthetic, village that need a water pump or water treatment facility.


What do you think will be the hardest part of the challenge?

It will be a real challenge, both mentally and physically, but so far hardest part was and still is finding sponsors and donors.

What country are you most looking forward to and why?

I just can’t pick one. Everywhere I’ll go I very much look forward to meeting local charities I support. But Korea and Far East Asia are probably the most exotic on my calendar. And I definitely look forward to 100th Ironman, which should take place in Kona, Hawaii in 2018.

What’s your favourite SiS product?

New GO Energy + Immune gels is my absolute favourite especially considering Winter is coming. I also often use WHEY20.

What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

My all time favourite is “Chase your own dreams before somebody else makes you chase theirs”.

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