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Bundle Includes:

  • 2 x SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels 6 Packs
  • SiS GO + Caffeine Energy Gels 6 Pack
  • SiS GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels 6 Pack
  • SiS GO Electrolyte 500g
  • SiS REGO Rapid Recovery 500g
  • SiS 800ml Pro Bottle


Bundle Information

GO Isotonic Energy Gels:

Flavoured carbohydrate gel with added sweetener. SiS designed the world's first isotonic energy gel to be clean in the mouth and easy to digest. Our patented product means it delivers energy fast without the need for extra water for when you need a fast, convenient energy boost. Winner of the Queens award for enterprise, this innovative product continues to be seen at the forefront by endurance athletes. Use during endurance sessions and events to help avoid flagging.

Key Features:

  • Fast acting energy gel.
  • No need for additional water.
  • Informed Sport tested.

GO + Caffeine Energy Gels:

Our award winning gel technology delivers fast energy with a caffeine boost that's easy to take. SiS GO + Caffeine is clean in the mouth and easy to digest. When you want an energy boost, but want the benefits of caffeine too. Use before or during sport for added physical and mental focus when you want to get an edge.

Key Features:

  • Flavoured maltodextrin gel with caffeine and added sweeteners.
  • High caffeine content: 75mg.
  • Award winning gel technology delivers energy fast.
  • Clean in the mouth and easy to digest.

GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels:

The SiS GO Energy + Electrolyte gel provides athletes with a new and versatile option to enhance their training and racing. Electrolytes including sodium, potassium and magnesium are lost through sweat and need to be replaced in order to help the body maintain fluid balance, alongside an appropriate fluid intake.

Key Features:

  • 22g of carbohydrate per gel.
  • Formulation delivering energy fast and effectively.
  • 0.3g salt per gel to provide key electrolytes lost through sweat.

GO Electrolyte 500g Tub:

SiS GO Electrolyte gives you energy fast and contains balanced electrolytes to enhance your body's ability to absorb water, maintain endurance performance and protect against cramp.

Key Features:

  • As easy to drink as water, SiS GO Electrolyte puts back what you sweat out.
  • Ideal for indoor workouts, exercise in the heat or any time when you are sweating heavily or dehydrating.
  • Fast hydration plus sustained energy for before and during exercise.
  • When you want a balance of energy and hydration.
  • It is light on the stomach.
  • Use before to prepare and during sport when you are sweating heavily.
  • Available in Lemon & Lime, Blackcurrant, Tropical Fruit 1.6kg Tubs.

REGO Rapid Recovery Drink Powder - 500g Tub:

Providing rapidly digestible protein also provides amino acids to support muscle protein synthesis for growth and rebuild. Soy has a complete amino acid profile to which we have added additional leucine to make the formulation even more effective. Leucine is an amino acid which is known to switch on the signalling for muscle protein synthesis, amplifying the affect.

Key Features:

  • To recover, rebuild and support the body's adaptation to training.
  • When you are in a training programme and need your body to adapt to increasing demands.
  • A full spectrum recovery product for periods of intense training.
  • Developed with feedback from the Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, it helps your muscles to recover and rebuild.
  • Use immediately after exercise to help your body adapt to increased training demands to become stronger as quickly as possible.
  • Easy on the stomach, so it can be taken after hard exercise.

SiS 800ml Pro Yellow Bottle:

All Science in Sport bottles have a unique Easy Mix System. This has been designed to deliver fast and accurate mixing. The Easy Mix System enables you to pour specific amounts of Science in Sport powder directly into the bottle by using the pre-determined marks printed on the outside of the bottle.  

Key Features:

  • Unique easy mix system
  • Soft rubber nozzle
  • Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape
  • Lockable valve for leakproof transport
  • Dishwasher safe

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Verified Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 10 Reviews
Stefan Möstl

helpful and useful combination, like the bottle with markings for the amount of powder to fill in.

Max R

Very good bundle, which includes a good selection of gels. Suitable for racing and training.


All the products you need for energy and hydration. Helped mefinish my 10k run with a PB.


A great selection and good value with the offer on this too


Fantastic for a bunch of products where you dont wish to select your own.


I used the gel, Go Eletrolyte and REGO products for a 14 mile hike around the Derbyshire dales which was classed as a hard walk in and around the Edale valley, I found that I had an abundance of energy and jogged 8 miles.

Andrew Wall

The perfect combination of hydration, energy and recovery for any rider. I would highly recommend this as a starter pack for anyone participating in endurance sports.


Perfect pack to buy. Good value and plenty to keep you going for training and racing.

Grant McLean

Great products that are easy to use

Paul Burton MBE

Excellent choices and great value