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The unique environment we face when training indoors can often lead to training weeks looking very different. Session durations may change. Intensities often ramp up. Sweat rates could rocket. In this way, each indoor session will have its own performance demands and desired training responses.

Turbo+, our new indoor training specific range, is designed to meet those core performance considerations to help you get the best out of every training effort. Own your paincave.

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Just like any training block, our carbohydrate intake at this time should be periodised in a fuel for the work required type approach. Whereby the energy intake both before and during a session is linked to the energy demands of the session.

Some sessions will require little-to-no carbohydrate intake, whereas others could see the need to load carbohydrate prior to the session and intake upwards of 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour during.

In a similar way to carbohydrate intake matching the demands of the session, adding supplements or ergogenic aids to the nutrition plan can drive performance in certain training situations.

Caffeine is one of the most widely researched ergogenic aids in sports nutrition and is best used for the hard or interval type sessions. Other supplements such as beta alanine or l-carnitine could also be considered at specific times.

Hydration demands and associated sweat losses are very individual, the added thermoregulatory stress of training indoors will only add to this. Sweat loss will increase at this time and as a result, fluid intake around training should also increase.

Dehydration beyond 3-4% will negatively impact performance and alongside fluids, sodium is also lost in sweat. The new Turbo+ range can be used to meet both energy and hydration demands.

Recovery from indoor session is just as crucial as recovery from outdoor sessions. It’s when we recover, rest and allow the body to absorb and adapt to the training load that we make improvements in fitness.

The recovery nutrition following an indoor session is likely to change in line with the demands of different training sessions.


Turbo+ Training Resources

At Science in Sport, our focus is the quality & performance of all we do, to help our athletes achieve their goals. Click the sections below to discover more from our athletes and nutritionists on how to fuel indoor training sessions.


Training indoors isn’t just the sweaty pain cave it once was. With the developments in smart trainers and virtual worlds, this has now become an important tool in any cyclists training week.



Making progress as an athlete during these unprecedented times is a far from easy task, but then again I’m guessing you didn’t take up sport because you thought it would be easy!




Own your paincave with Turbo+, the world’s first sports nutrition range designed to meet the demands of indoor training. Formulated with a cooling menthol blast and proven to enhance performance in heat by 5%, this new range (which includes a pre-session gel and an in-session powder) is designed to transform your indoor training. Available in Blueberry Freeze and Cool Citrus flavours.


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Who is TURBO+ for?
TURBO+ is formulated for those completing indoor turbo training sessions and is designed to help improve exercise performance during high-intensity exercise by delivering energy and buffering against fatigue whilst also helping to reduce the increased thermal stress that occurs with these types of sessions.
When should I use TURBO+?
TURBO+ should be used 30-60 minutes prior to your turbo training session.
Why is menthol included?
The inclusion of menthol improves the ability to tolerate hot environments by reducing thermal perception and makes it easier to breathe through the refreshing and cooling sensations that menthol provides.
Why is caffeine, beta-alanine and L-carnitine included?
Caffeine enhances performance through its stimulatory effects on the central nervous system (CNS), whereas beta-alanine and L-carnitine facilitate improved muscle buffering. Collectively, all three ingredients have the ability to enhance exercise performance.
Is it Informed Sport tested?
Yes, Science in Sport TURBO+ is tested under the Informed Sport programme.