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  • Bundle Contents: 20 x GO Energy Mini 40g Bars - (details below)
  • High-energy flavoured carbohydrate bar to help fuel before or during training and races.
  • Delicious, easily digested and moist.


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Contenido del paquete:

  • Barra GO Energía manzana & grosella negra 40g
  • Barra GO Energía arándanos 40g
  • Barra GO Energía Chocolate Fudge 40g
  • Barra GO Energía frutos rojos 40g
  • Barra GO Energía plátano Fudge 40g

* Los sabores y tamaños están sujetos a disponibilidad de stock

Acerca de GO Energy Mini Bars

Las barritas GO Energy son un bocadillo nutritivo, fácil de digerir y alto en carbohidratos hecho de frutas e ingredientes saludables. Las barras proporcionan un enfoque práctico y nutritivo para proporcionar carbohidratos durante el ejercicio.

Las Mini Barras

GO Energy son altas en carbohidratos (hasta 27 g), moderadas en proteínas (4.5 gramos) y bajas en grasa (2 gramos).

Beneficios de las minibras GO Energy

Una de las principales causas de fatiga es agotar sus reservas de carbohidratos durante el ejercicio. Se sabe que la administración de carbohidratos adicionales durante el ejercicio mejora el rendimiento, los tiempos de carrera y retrasa la aparición de la fatiga.

Características clave

  • Hasta 27 g de carbohidratos en cada barra
  • Hecho de ingredientes de frutas naturales
  • Tamaño conveniente
  • Contenido: 20 x 40 g Barras
  • Adecuado para vegetarianos.

Informed Sport Registered: Nuestra gama completa de productos se desarrolla utilizando un enfoque de primera clase para la prueba de sustancias prohibidas, que brinda seguridad a los atletas. Para obtener más información sobre Informed Sport y nuestro exclusivo enfoque de primera clase, haga clic aquí . < / p>

Usos del producto
Información nutricional

The nutritional information below is for Blueberry. To view the nutritional information for other flavours, please visit the individual product pages

Typical ValuesPer Serving 40gPer 100g
Protein 4.7g12g
of which sugars10g26g
of which saturates0.3g0.8g


Fruit Juices From Concentrate 36% (Grape, Pineapple), Cereal 21% (Rice & Soy Crisp (Rice Flour, Soy Protein Isolate, Oat Flour, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Lecithin) (Gluten), Oats (Gluten)), Maltodextrin (from Maize), Dried Fruit 12% (Dates), Soy Protein Isolate, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Freeze Dried Fruits 3% (Blueberry, Blackcurrant), Humectant (Calcium Lactate), Flavouring, Elderberry Juice Powder

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Preguntas frecuentes

When should I eat these versus any of the SiS gels?

Containing fast absorbing 25g carbohydrate (per 40g bar), these can be used with or between meals to increase carbohydrate intake as well as a pre exercise snack. During a race, a commonly used strategy is to take on solid foods like SiS GO Energy bars during lesser intense parts because bars require more blood flow to absorb them compared to other energy products.


How often should I eat one whilst exercising?

If you're exercising for over 90 mins you should take on additional carbohydrate. Aim for 1?2 bars per hour, or consume with other products to hit 60g of carbohydrate per hour during exercise e.g 1 x SiS GO Energy Bar Mini and 1 x 500ml GO Electrolyte.


Will they fit in my cycle jersey pocket?

Yes! SiS GO Energy bars are lightweight and compact, designed to fit in jersey pockets, cycle bags and waist packs.


Are these bars gluten free?

SiS GO energy bars are not suitable for coeliac and gluten free diets due to their oat content.


What is the sugar content in these bars?

A 40g SiS GO energy bar contains 10g of naturally occurring sugars from fruit, with no added sugar.


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Mike Westmorland

Great value.


Great to take on long rides and so have something solid to eat. Flavours are pretty good too.

Lesley Rudd

Just the right amount.

mr Ives

Excellent,very tasty

Arslaan Butt

It's awesome 😊


Just the right size, easy to chew and digest. All flavours are pleasant. Great for fuelling on a ride - always have one with me just in case!

Richard Roberts

Very good selection

Henry Thompson

Perfect energy boost while out cycling


Taste good and do the job.


Totally Perfect

Christopher Cammoile

Great mix of energy bars. Does the job!

Martin Mac

Does exactly what it says on the packet. SIS are good value and easy to deal with.

Jim Scott

Good variety, taste good on a ride and portion size just right

Russell Kelly

Excellent supplies for your ride

Richard Granger

Not tried them all yet but so far so good.


Excellent product don't use anything else


Ideal size for early on in the ride. Lightweight, small, tasty and easy to carry. Banana fudge rules


Great taste

Ian Gledhill

Great value, these bars are fantastically tasty on long rides.

Marc Taylor

Tasty af and easy to stash away