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SiS GO Energy Bakes - 12 Pack

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Acerca de SiS GO Energy Bake

GO Energy Bake adopta un enfoque científico para sus barritas energéticas, que proporcionan 30 gramos de carbohidratos en forma de suave producto horneado relleno. Cada barrita tiene un centro de frutas que proporciona 10 gramos de fructosa.

Para potenciar el rendimiento y satisfacer las exigencias del ejercicio, se recomiendan entre 60 y 90 gramos de carbohidratos por hora para eventos en los que se requiere una larga resistencia. Los productos de Science in Sport GO Energy Bake se pueden utilizar para satisfacer estas necesidades, junto con otros productos de la gama Science in Sport Go. Su textura única, suave y dorada constituye un aperitivo fácil de ingerir con todas las ventajas que te proporcionan los carbohidratos.

El agotamiento de las reservas de carbohidratos durante el ejercicio es una de las principales causas de la fatiga. Se sabe que el suministro de carbohidratos adicionales durante el ejercicio mejora el rendimiento, los tiempos de las carreras y retrasa la aparición de la fatiga. Las investigaciones han demostrado que los carbohidratos de los geles, bebidas y barras pueden ser utilizados a un ritmo similar y, por lo tanto, el SiS GO Energy Bake proporciona un formato alternativo y fácilmente digerible de carbohidratos para consumir durante el ejercicio.

Características clave

  • • 30 gramos de carbohidratos
  • • 10 gramos de fructosa
  • • Proporción de carbohidratos 2:1
  • • Producto horneado suave y relleno
  • • Recárgate antes y después de hacer deporte
  • • Aperitivo para reponer fuerza
  • • Probado por Informed-Sport

Usos del producto
Uso recomendado

Come 1 o 2 barritas cada hora cuando practiques ejercicio de forma prolongada. Combínalas con otros productos SiS para consumir de 60 a 90 gramos de carbohidratos por hora mientras practiques deporte.


El agotamiento de las reservas de carbohidratos durante el ejercicio es una de las principales causas de la fatiga.

SiS GO Energy Bakes proporcionan energía sobre la marcha (30g de carbohidratos) en un pastel relleno suave con un delicioso centro frutal (10g de fructosa). Usado efectivamente el SiS GO Energy Bake puede satisfacer las demandas y el combustible requerido para eventos de larga duración donde se aconseja una ingesta de 60-90g de carbohidratos por hora - la textura única proporciona una gran alternativa de carbohidratos para consumir durante el ejercicio, que tiene la ventaja adicional de ser fácilmente digerible.

Probado por Informed-Sport:

Nuestra completa gama de productos se desarrolla utilizando un enfoque de primera clase para las pruebas de sustancias prohibidas, lo que ofrece garantías a los atletas. Para más información sobre el Deporte Informado y nuestro enfoque único de clase mundial, click here.

Adecuado para: Vegetarianos

Información nutricional
Valores TípicosPor 100gPor Ración 50g
Energía 1590kJ / 380kcal 795kJ / 190kcal
Proteínas 7g 3.5g
Carbohidratos 62g 30g
de los cuales azúcares 23g 11g
Grasas 10g 5g
de las cuales saturadas 2.7g 1.4g
Sales 0.5g0.25g

*Consumo de referencia de un adulto medio.

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Opiniones verificadas

Calificado 4.8 de 5 basado en 79 Comentarios
Ken knowles

Very good product and a good price and it works for me


Great taste and easy to eat whilst cycling.

M.C Appleton

Makes a nice change to have a bake instead of a bar or gel



Sultan Alali

Great taste


Super tasty, excellent marathon fuel, both and pre and in race


5 star product for indoor and outdoor long distance cycling training

Elvis Whitaker

Easy to digest and very more-ish


Really like these, pleasant taste (Banana) but could be a stronger. What I do like is how easy they are to eat when riding the bike, melt in the mouth almost. No chewing as such as is necessary with the normal energy bars. Bought when on offer so happy with the results.

Mr. Alex Hawkes

These help me through longer workouts and rides on the turbo trainer. Great taste, consistency and easy to eat. Not tried them out on the road, so not sure how good they are once warmed in a pocket!

John Gallimore

Filling and Tasty


Love this product.


excellent product

Ken knowles

Excellent product, very nice tasting and easy to digest while cycling


Delicious and the perfect size for fuelling mid-ride.

Elliott Colyer

Really yummy and nice as mid ride snack

Mr Alan Webb

I found these difficult to get used to, I will try a different filling next time


Really tasty bakes, love them.

Mr Phillip Whitlam

Love the new shape and taste


Easy to eat & digest whilst riding with a good range of flavours, of which banana is my current preference. Recommended

Paul Mackenzie


Benjamin Hall

I have one of these pre run! Easy to digest & a good taste.

Mr D Burgess

Great tasting energy bake. Easy to eat while on the bike and keeps you going.



Elvis Whitaker

Easily digested and great taste


Tasty (well, as tasty as on-bike snacks can be!) and easy to eat.


These energy cakes are quite nice, haven't tried the other flavours yet.

D Bradley

These Energy Bakes taste delicious. They are very filling and great to eat anytime.

Mark Ball

Tasty and easily digested. A little dry so need to take a drink before and after eating if your mouth is dry from exercise (in my case cycling). An alternative to the GO Energy Bars, I tend to take a mixture of bars and bakes with me on a long ride.


The centre has oozed out of a number of these energy bakes. Assuming the centre has a sugar content then part of it is wasted.

Mr Phillip Whitlam

Excellent taste and easy to eat

Daniel Gregory

Great product super tasty , resulting in amazing performance, definitely recommend .


Great little energy pack - easy to eat


excellent product service and great taste

Kevin Dann

Nice refreshing product definite change to usual cereal bar type of energy food although can be a little mushy particularly on a hot day carrying them in a jersey pocket!

James Granville

Delicious and definitely gives you an energy boost. Would buy again and recommend 100%.

Robin M

Comes in a wrapping that can stand getting a bit wet in the jersey pocket, they’re lightweight so carrying a couple isn't a problem They’re not the most delicious ‘cookie’ I’ve ever tasted, the filling’s a wee bit disappointing... but they work for me on long rides: more fulfilling than a gel and maybe more agreeable too for some. I use them on longer rides, more convenient than a sani.


These are addictive, I do have fluids on hand. great pre-workout snack.

S Lancaster

Handy size to slip into cycling jersey pocket. Easily digested whilst out on ride. Decent flavour.

Mike Lawrence

Great for quick food on the bike. Just the right size to pop in the mouth & get back on with riding.

David B

Easy on the stomach and tasty

Garry ricks

Great from sis

Peter Smith

Great tasting pre training snack could eat them even without a ride or trainer session planned.

Peter Day

Does what it says on the box easy to consume whilst on the bike and great flavour

Mrs Monica Cullin

Quite tasty and not too large


Favourite flavour and great for being out on the road for fuel along with other products .


What a product.. great stuff

Elvis Whitaker

Nice and easily digestable

Richard Granger

Love these. Super tasty and easy on the stomach.


5star product for both outdoor and indoor long distance cycling


Very tasty, easy to open, nice change from gels. Just need water to wash down


Delicious and a great Emery boost


5 star , great to have in back pocket when out on the road.

Liam Dobson

Great taste easy to digest


Great intense orange taste. Refreshing change to the usual energy bars.


Amazingly tasty bike fuel. Easy to eat and digest.

Linda Dewhurst

Took a bit of getting used to, but tasty and easily digested.

Gregory Patmore

strawberry yum yum the soft centre is soooo good



Robin M

Easy to eat on the move and might be more palatable than Goos for some. Wrapping keeps the Bake dry in wettish conditions. Again, not the most delightful Bake I’ve enjoyed but they work for me and are more ‘fulfilling’ than a Goo alone. I’ll buy again.

Alan Lathbury

perfect for hot days and longer rides

Andrew Butler

I love these! Something different, very easy to eat and don't sit heavy after eating. Seem to provide a good level energy too. Highly recommend.


Very tasty and easy to eat on the go

David Marshall

Not the best tasting product but after 100 miles on my bike during a sportive I’m sure it’ll taste better! Decent price at 30% discount but overpriced at full value. Probably won’t buy again.


Easy to consume, and tasty.

Luke Boston

Got the strawberry, really really nice! Great addition to my rides!

Lesley Rudd

Delicious and tasty does the job.

Robert Milne

I like these, I've always found Energy Bars sit heavy after eating. But with these I don't get this problem.

Will Quinn

First time of trying these and I like the taste ,have struggled to find a bar i like in the past so very pleased about the bake.

Kris Barker

Very nice, but you need a drink to go with them.

Christine Ann Nicholls

Enjoyable snack whilst out riding. I find it’s better with some liquid.


Easily fits in pockets and a great tasting snack whilst training or as a healthy snack.

Steven Bradley

Excellent product, tastes fantastic, great texture and delivers a big hit of energy.

First Order

Really good product, I use them in conjunction with gells when running. Taste great and deliver almost immediate boost.