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SiS GO Energy Bake - 50g

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Acerca de SiS GO Energy Bake

GO Energy Bake adopta un enfoque científico para sus barritas energéticas, que proporcionan 30 gramos de carbohidratos en forma de suave producto horneado relleno. Cada barrita tiene un centro de frutas que proporciona 10 gramos de fructosa.

Para potenciar el rendimiento y satisfacer las exigencias del ejercicio, se recomiendan entre 60 y 90 gramos de carbohidratos por hora para eventos en los que se requiere una larga resistencia. Los productos de Science in Sport GO Energy Bake se pueden utilizar para satisfacer estas necesidades, junto con otros productos de la gama Science in Sport Go. Su textura única, suave y dorada constituye un aperitivo fácil de ingerir con todas las ventajas que te proporcionan los carbohidratos.

El agotamiento de las reservas de carbohidratos durante el ejercicio es una de las principales causas de la fatiga. Se sabe que el suministro de carbohidratos adicionales durante el ejercicio mejora el rendimiento, los tiempos de las carreras y retrasa la aparición de la fatiga. Las investigaciones han demostrado que los carbohidratos de los geles, bebidas y barras pueden ser utilizados a un ritmo similar y, por lo tanto, el SiS GO Energy Bake proporciona un formato alternativo y fácilmente digerible de carbohidratos para consumir durante el ejercicio.

Características clave

  • • 30 gramos de carbohidratos
  • • 10 gramos de fructosa
  • • Proporción de carbohidratos 2:1
  • • Producto horneado suave y relleno
  • • Recárgate antes y después de hacer deporte
  • • Aperitivo para reponer fuerza
  • • Probado por Informed-Sport

Usos del producto
Uso recomendado

Come 1 o 2 barritas cada hora cuando practiques ejercicio de forma prolongada. Combínalas con otros productos SiS para consumir de 60 a 90 gramos de carbohidratos por hora mientras practiques deporte.


El agotamiento de las reservas de carbohidratos durante el ejercicio es una de las principales causas de la fatiga.

SiS GO Energy Bakes proporcionan energía sobre la marcha (30g de carbohidratos) en un pastel relleno suave con un delicioso centro frutal (10g de fructosa). Usado efectivamente el SiS GO Energy Bake puede satisfacer las demandas y el combustible requerido para eventos de larga duración donde se aconseja una ingesta de 60-90g de carbohidratos por hora - la textura única proporciona una gran alternativa de carbohidratos para consumir durante el ejercicio, que tiene la ventaja adicional de ser fácilmente digerible.

Probado por Informed-Sport:

Nuestra completa gama de productos se desarrolla utilizando un enfoque de primera clase para las pruebas de sustancias prohibidas, lo que ofrece garantías a los atletas. Para más información sobre el Deporte Informado y nuestro enfoque único de clase mundial, click here.

Adecuado para: Vegetarianos

Información nutricional
Valores TípicosPor 100gPor Ración 50g
Energía 1590kJ / 380kcal 795kJ / 190kcal
Proteínas 7g 3.5g
Carbohidratos 62g 30g
de los cuales azúcares 23g 11g
Grasas 10g 5g
de las cuales saturadas 2.7g 1.4g
Sales 0.5g0.25g

*Consumo de referencia de un adulto medio.

Para obtener información completa sobre los ingredientes, por favor seleccione uno de los siguientes sabores:

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Opiniones verificadas

Calificado 4.5 de 5 basado en 77 Comentarios

5 Star Benefit of the doubt - Not tried yet, but don't see any reason not to be happy with the product if it aligns with other SIS product quality.


Very tasty

Casey Talbot


Not afraid of 13!

Looks ok but not tried it yet

Robert Worrall

Once again worked very well


Love these

gary farrow

Quality products that work

Dave Clee

Very tasty!


Nice flavours and easy to consume


Great bars - nice and moist. Easy to eat during exercise.


I've found these energy bakes are easier to eat/swallow whilst riding than the conventional flapjack-like energy bars & this was very tasty.

Tom Davidson

Texture not that dissimilar to Nutrigrain bars. Tasted nice. However, it was very sweet and very cloying - stuck to my teeth, tongue, gums - not pleasant!


I really like these energy bakes. Yes, you do need to drink with it as it gets a little dry but it's ok, you do have a drink on your bike anyway. They taste great and filling.


These biscuits / cakes are great.. my new favourite thing!

Paul Brierley

Darn Tasty

James Howard

Very tasty & easy to consume. Could be my new triathlon nutrition

Matthew Conrad-Jones

Handy size and tasty

David Peso

It is nice recommended, there is a slight weirdness with the banana taste compared to the Banana bars that I love!

Nick lees

Nice product but did go very soft in the heat which made it hard to hold when riding

Kenny C

It's nice but not as nice as strawberry!

Michael Halls

Really nice,will definitely order more when able to.

Paul Lewis

Yummy !!! 😋


Nice taste & easy to digest. Nice & light. Prefer to energy bars

gary farrow

Nice, easy to digest

Anton Peterson

Was expecting better to be honest. Felt like there wasn't enough of the flavour in the middle of the bake and as a result tasted a bit cakey. This meant that it was harder to consume as it required more chewing then other products of a similar characteristic. A nutrigrain bar has more juice content and is easier to comsume. If this product was like that, then it would be a seller.


Not nice at all.

Tom Davidson

Texture not that dissimilar to Nutrigrain bars. Tasted nice probably the best of the four so far. However, it was very sweet and very cloying - stuck to my teeth, tongue, gums - not pleasant!


I like these energy bakes. Lemon tastes even better than the banana. They are great on the bike and filling.

Stuart Caton

Absolutely brilliant

Benjamin Hall

Good texture & I like the taste!

Kenny C

....followed by lemon

David Turner

Very tasty, way better than energy bars, and compact for carrying in back pockets. Recommended.

Daniel Gregory

Super product amazing


tasty and a gooey inside.

Tomas Knazovcik

All products from SiS are perfect

Marcus Richardson

Yum - yum - very nice bar and to get it for free was a bonus - thanks SIS

Carwyn Wooldridge

Not used yet.

Malcolm Bembridge

Not bad but don’t like orange

James Petty

Didn’t get the product to review


Free gift thanks

Great service

Ok, didn’t like the taste as much as the strawberry ones and find them quite dry. Would probably try home baked or other products before these.

Mr Mark Nolan

Alot better tasting than I was anticipating


Love these

Richard Neil

Not to my taste. Too dry & 'gluppy'


Not sure about the product. The outer baked cake is tasty but the filling is thick and sticks to your teeth. Also too sweet

gary farrow

Nice product

Caz R

Thought I'd try something that isn't a gel or powder, not a bad taste but the texture is quite dense and needed to have water with it.


These bakes are a revelation.. no need to buy flapjacks or make my own rubbish biscuits. Spot on!

pete mullan

Ideal for longer rides when you’re looking for a change from the usual energy bars. Tastes really good and portion size is spot on.

gary farrow

Nice product, goes down well

Marcus Haughton

Tastes very good, a big upgrade from the normal go energy bars


I've found these energy bakes are easier to eat/swallow whilst riding than the conventional flapjack-like energy bars &, whilst strawberry isn't usually my chosen flavour ,this was surprisingly tasty.


thought id try these and they are very good

Benjamin Hall

Nice texture, will get used to, as tastes good!

Matthew Conrad-Jones

Quite sweet but nice

Kenny C

Definitely my favourite.

Daniel Gregory

Great product amazing taste

Josh Bailey

Good product for prolonged exercise

mike k

Really nice this is my favourite flavour,great for on bike snack

Russell Kelly

These bars are amazing - 30g carbs and 10g fructose makes it the perfect snack on a long ride and it is perfectly baked so a lot softer than the SIS bars I often eat. I highly recommend them!

Darren Hutchins

Amazing, the second best energy product I’ve had after the orange flavoured bake.


It’s really good, chewy and sweet