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SiS Sleep Plus Juice Manzana y grosella negra 40ml

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Acerca de Science in Sport Performance Sleep Juice

SLEEP PLUS Juice contiene una mezcla de carbohidratos, guindas, teanina, triptófano, glicina y magnesio diseñada para ayudar a mejorar la calidad general del sueño de un deportista. SLEEP PLUS Juice se suministra en forma de zumo concentrado, y debe consumirse 30-60 minutos antes de acostarse; se puede mezclar con agua para preparar una bebida fría antes de ir a dormir o un té caliente.

Como alternativa, SLEEP PLUS Juice se puede mezclar con yogures y alimentos sólidos, y preparar antes de irse a dormir un smoothie rico en proteínas y carbohidratos. SLEEP PLUS Juice mejora la calidad del sueño, y está diseñado para ayudar a los deportistas a recuperarse del ejercicio intenso. Contribuye rendir al máximo al día siguiente, ya sea para entrenar o competir.

Key Features:

  • Diseñado para mejorar la calidad general del sueño del deportista
  • Consumir 60 minutos antes de acostarse
  • Probado por Informed Sport
  • 20g de carbohidratos por ración

Usos del producto
Uso recomendado

Add one sachet of SLEEP PLUS Juice to 200ml of hot water to make a bedtime tea, and consume 30-60 minutes prior to bed. Alternatively, add to 200ml cold water, yoghurt, smoothies or recovery shakes before bed.

Food Supplement: Apple and blackcurrant flavour tart cherry juice concentrate with amino acids, magnesium and added sweetener.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.


El sueño es un componente fundamental para ayudar a los deportistas a recuperarse y adaptarse a las intensas exigencias físicas del entrenamiento y la competición. Los deportistas que practican deportes de resistencia y de equipo a menudo duermen menos tiempo de lo ideal, y presentan dificultades para conciliar el sueño a la primera. Este último problema aparece especialmente cuando el entrenamiento o la competición se desarrollan bien avanzada la tarde.

Los deportistas también comentan que la calidad de su sueño se ve gravemente afectada en periodos intensos de viajes, entrenamientos y calendarios de competición apretados, como a menudo puede ser el caso de los stages de entrenamiento y cuando han de afrontar competiciones durante días o semanas de forma consecutiva. En relación con el rendimiento físico y mental, los días consecutivos con restricciones en el sueño pueden ser catastróficos para el rendimiento; estas restricciones aumentan la posibilidad de caer enfermos y afectan a la toma de decisiones, a la fuerza muscular y al rendimiento durante las actividades de resistencia1. Con todo esto en mente, SLEEP PLUS Juice está formulado con una mezcla de ingredientes (incluidos carbohidratos, triptófano, glicina, teanina, magnesio y guindas) que contribuyen a promover la sensación de relajación y somnolencia, reducen el tiempo necesario para conciliar el sueño, aumentan la duración general del sueño y, por último, disminuyen la sensación de fatiga al despertar a la mañana siguiente.

Información nutricional
Typical Values Per 100ml Per Serving 40ml
Energía 898kJ / 214kcal 422kJ / 101kcal
Grasa 0g 0g
de la cual se satura 0g 0g
Carbohidratos 42g 20g
de los cuales los azúcares 34g 16g
Sal 0.01g 0g

* Ingesta de referencia de un adulto medio (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)


Jugo de guindas (Prunus Cerasus) (67 %), agua, L-glicina, L-triptófano, cloruro de magnesio, L-teanina, saborizante, espesante (goma xantana), ácido cítrico, edulcorante (sucralosa), conservantes (sorbato de potasio, sodio, benzoato).

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Calificado 3.7 de 5 basado en 16 Comentarios

Brilliant. First time using this was a 3-day 99mi run challenge. Felt great each morning....in part lots of food to aid recovery, but sure this helped overnight....usually have restless legs after long runs, expected to be very bad with 3 on the bounce. Easy to make, and great tart cherry flavour.


Doesn’t work for me for some reason. Have tried on two occasions. Slept poorly and felt not quite right. Something in the product does not agree with me.

Aaron Cooper

Excellent, found I averaged 20 minutes deeper sleep

Mark harris

Works really well, ordering plenty more.

Karel Smeets

This is a gamechanger for me. I'm one of those people who can lay awake after an intense workout in the evening. And I sometimes wake up with muscle cramps. Normal melatonin would help me fall asleep but it's a restless sleep. This stuff actually helps me sleep like a baby and in about a months time it hasn't failed me yet and no cramps! (I use it after intense evening work outs) The taste is like juice. Very sweet with a slight sourness in there. I had to get a bit used to it because I'm not really a sweet tooth. I tried split a portion with my wife because of this but it's not effective. I didn't sleep well and it was still sweet so don't try that. I add a bit more water than advised now and it's fine. The package is comparable to the gels but I use a scissors to open this because it's a liquid and can easily spill. The color is bright red so I'm sure that will leave stains. That needs some work SIS. Overall still a 5/5 because baby sleep!

Colin Brown

Nice, but not convinced the cost to benefit works out

Diane Gollop

A strong flavour but it does what is says on the packet

Mr D Burgess

Great product and does exactly what it says. Helped me get a good nights sleep.

jeremy thomas

Did seem to work


I only purchased one of these as a sample test, they taste ok, but really could not tell how effective they are, perhaps I would need to try them over a period of time to evaluate them properly. Debatable whether I need them?

Graham Lee

very nice bedtime drink - like a fruit tea

Mrs Jones

Almost inedible, I mean you can make it go down your throat but it's not pleasant. Sorry I'm sure technically it's great, but needs something to sort the flavouring out.


Had a much better nights sleep taking this and felt stronger in the next days training

Tony Read

Works well to help you sleep

Mr. Wayne Marks

This has to be the most vile tasting product going, who the hell tested this and though..."mmmm yum"

Ross Couzens

Taste is quite awful and you need to drink very quickly, I added a drop of honey to make it a bit more drinkable, I've yet to see any concrete results from taking it.