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Wide Neck Bottle (600ml)

5,00 €

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600 ml Easy Mix Flasche


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Alle Flaschen von Science in Sport sind mit dem Easy Mix System ausgestattet. Mithilfe des speziell konzipierten Designs lassen sich Flüssigkeiten schnell und präzis mischen. Mit dem Easy Mix System kannst du eine ganz bestimmte Menge an Pulver von Science in Sport direkt in die Flasche geben und dich an den im Inneren der Flasche aufgedruckten Markierungen orientieren. 

•    Einzigartiges Easy Mix System
•    Weiches Mundstück aus Gummi
•    Einfach zu greifende Flasche mit ergonomischer Form
•    Verschließbares Ventil für einen auslaufsicheren Transport
•    Spülmaschinenfest


Verified Reviews

Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 12 Reviews

Solid quality bottles! My go to and standard bottle for any ride. Nice price and the quality is well reflected in that.

Lorraine Kennedy

A great bottle.

Chris Sturgeon

Very good bottle, perfect size for training.


I love these bottles. The wide neck is perfect for mixing sport drinks. The drinking nozzle is great for taking a nice big swig. Best bidon I've ever used. The picture is of the narrow neck bottle by the way

Luca Federici

Borraccia da 600ml perfetta! Sta fissa nei portaborraccia (faccio enduro ed altre mi son volate via) e l'apertura del tappo full size permette di buttare dentro anche il ghiaccio o i misurini per non sporcare quando si prepara le borraccie. Dopo 2 anni nessun segno di funga dentro.

Mr Robinson

Does what it's meant to do very well.

Andrew Winstone

Better bottles available, but it was cheap

Peter Jenkins

Product good but not the service

Dennis Nelder

Cheaper than the supermarket and always handy to have

toby fabian

Easy to get the measurements correct for each and every sis sports powder due to the clear markings on the bottle

Joel Ormerod

But small for cages, valve is a little difficult to pull open and close with teeth

Dave Griffiths

Wide neck great for filling