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GO Mixed Gel Bundle - Multipack Energy Gels

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Das Paket enthält:

  • SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Apfel 1 x
  • SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Schwarze Johannisbeere 1 x
  • SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Zitrone und Limette 1 x
  • SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Orange 1 x
  • SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Ananas 1 x
  • SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Pink Grapefruit 1 x
  • SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Tropischer Mix 1 x
  • SiS GO Gel + Caffeine Beere 1 x
  • SiS GO Gel + Caffeine Cola 1 x
  • SiS GO Energy Gel + Caffeine Double Espresso 1 x
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Inhalt der Packung:

SiS GO Isotonic Gels:
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Apfel 60 ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Zitrone und Limette x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Orange 60 ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Schwarze Johannisbeere 60 ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Tropischer Mix 60 ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Ananas 60 ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Pink Grapefruit 60 ml x 1
SiS GO + Caffeine Gel:
SiS GO + Caffeine Gel Double Espresso 60 ml x 1
SiS GO + Caffeine Gel Beere 60 ml x 1
SiS GO + Caffeine Gel Cola 60 ml x 1

Empfohlene Anwendung
1 bis 3 Gels pro Stunde für eine Zufuhr von etwa 60 Gramm Kohlenhydrate und eine maximale Kohlenhydratverwertung im Körper. 

Bitte beachten:Gelegentlich werden einige Gels/Geschmacksrichtungen aufgrund von Lieferengpässen durch andere Gele ersetzt.

Weitere Informationen

Was sind SiS GO Isotonic Gels

Zugehörige Produkte:

Ernährungs Info

Nährwertangaben für die einzelnen Produkte in diesem Paket entnimmst du bitte der entsprechenden Produktseite für das jeweilige Produkt. Das Beispiel unten ist für isotonisches Gel mit Ananasgeschmack.

Typische WertePro 100 mlPro Portion 60 ml
Energie 613kj/144kcal 368kj/87kcal
Protein 0.0g 0.0g
Kohlenhydrate 36g 22g
davon Zucker 1.0g 0.6g
Fett 0.1g 0.0g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 0.0g 0.0g
Ballaststoffe 0.1g 0.0g
Salz 0.01g0.01g


Wasser, Maltodextrin (aus Mais) Geliermittel (Gellan, Xanthangummi), natürliche Aromen, Säureregulatoren (Zitronensäure, Natriumcitrat), Konservierungsmittel (Natriumbenzoat, Kaliumsorbat), Süßungsmittel (Acesulfam-K), Natriumchlorid, Antioxidationsmittel (Ascorbinsäure)

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When should I consume these?

Consume 1-3 gels per hour during endurance exercise to maximise carbohydrate utilisation rates. Alternatively, take one halfway through repeated high intensity exercise (such as football or rugby) to rapidly replenish glycogen stores.


When should I have these versus Electrolyte, Caffeine or Immune?

These should be consumed when you need a fast, convenient energy boost. During endurance exercise lasting over 90 minutes, these should be the main gels that are used throughout a race. Use in combination with other Energy products e.g 1 x GO Isotonic Energy Gel and 1 x 500ml GO Electrolyte to hit 58 grams of carbohydrate (per hour).


Is this gel Isotonic?

Yes, this gel was the first truly isotonic energy gel.


Are these 'natural'?

GO Isotonic gels contain natural flavourings.


Why are these better than regular foods, for example a banana?

GO Isotonic Energy Gels are designed to be absorbed fast into your gut, providing fast energy. Some solid foods can take a while to digest as there's more fat and fibre in whole foods, which during exercise can cause feelings of bloating and discomfort.


Do these contain aspartame?

No, Gels do not contain aspartame.


Will they fit in my cycle jersey pocket?

Yes! All GO Gels are lightweight, compact and designed to fit in jersey pockets, cycle bags and waist packs. They are pressure tested, so don't worry about the packaging tearing or bursting during exercise.


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Verified Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 20 Reviews
N Winter

Difficult to say as I haven't used them yet

Simone Chiaretta

Good value for money and good sample selection of different flavours. They are not always exactly what is in the description, so don't expect exactly those flavours.



Mark Doig

Great flavours ideal for the gym after work


Great bundle though I'll be avoiding the Vanilla gels on long runs!


Really good to have a selection for my first try of gels. It allows me to find out what I do and don't like and what works for me without ending up with loads of something I don't like

Steve Bones

These are first rate on the bike.

Mehdi Bennani

Isotonic, no need for water. they require more space to carry but its fine.


Good range of flavours and love the coke flavoured caffeine gel. Perfect at end of marathon.

Gary O'Neill

Great mixture of flavours and will gro taste, I would recommend these gels


nothing to say . all is good . i will purchase again

Mark Noton

Good selection of gels useful for medium rides


If you want to try new taste but You are not sure which pack to buy.

Neil Bentley

I rate the gels as the best I have used, not as sweet or runny as the other gels out there


Good flavours. Only double espresso was gross. But that's personal.

Kerry Harper

Great product! They taste good and they work well when you're working hard with no water needed.


Excellent mix of product.

Andy Goodall

Brilliant and some lovely flavours

Risto Heinsar

Good multipack to find out what you actually like and what works for you. Gels themselves are of nice quality, easy to open during rides.

Nicola Barlow-Cook

Great mix of flavours means you will never get bored, and with the caffeine or no-caffeine option too. Brilliant value 👍😃