John Clarke

Non-Executive Chairman

John Clarke became Non-Executive Chairman in June 2013. John has extensive experience of the functional food and sports nutrition sectors, having worked at GlaxoSmithKline for more than 35 years. John was global President of GSK Consumer Healthcare from 2006 to 2011, and was a member of GlaxoSmithKline plc Corporate Executive Team until March 2012.
Under John’s leadership from 2006 to 2011 GSK Consumer Healthcare was the fastest-growing business in the industry, growing by 60% and reaching sales of £5 billion despite recessionary environments in the majority of the business’ markets. The business added £2 billion in turnover from 2006. Mr Clarke was responsible for the Lucozade brand including strategy, innovation programme, portfolio and global expansion for 15 years from 1996 to 2011, Lucozade achieved growth of 13% CAGR throughout this period.

Raymond Duignan

Non-Executive Director

Raymond has extensive industry experience having set up a specialist investment bank, Stamford Partners, in the mid-1990s advising the European food and drink industries. The firm became a market leader in food and drink transactions in Europe, offering financial and corporate advisory services as well as strategy consulting. Clients of the firm included Unilever, Nestle, Mars, Pepsico, Sara Lee, Best Foods, United Biscuits and Pernod Ricard as well as a range of smaller businesses such as Green and Black's, Jordans, Innocent and Ella's Kitchen and leading private equity firms. Raymond retired from Stamford Partners in 2012. Raymond is currently a non-executive director at Finsbury Food Group and holds other advisory positions.

Tim Wright

Non-Executive Director

Tim Wright, has spent much of his career with GlaxoSmithKline (''GSK''), working in the consumer healthcare sector of the Company from 1982 to 2011. In his last 5 years at GSK, Tim was President of GSK's Global Brands, where he drove market leading revenue growth through world class marketing and innovation. After leaving GSK in 2011, Tim was appointed as President to Zarbee's Naturals, a privately owned natural medicine business. His role up to 2013 was to help establish the Company's brand and quickly grow the newly formed business from $3 million to $18 million. In 2014, Tim set up his own business, StepChange Strategy, which aims to create shareholder value for startup and multinational consumer healthcare companies, by focusing on brand strategy, innovation and geographic expansion. In 2015 Tim acquired, and now runs, Embrace Hearing.

Stephen Moon


Stephen has over 25 years’ senior cross-functional experience in the grocery brands industry. Stephen was formerly the Strategy Planning and Worldwide Business Development Director for GlaxoSmithKline’s Nutritional Healthcare business, and he worked closely with John Clarke in developing the Lucozade Sport brand.

Elizabeth Lake


Elizabeth is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years' experience in blue chip organisations. Elizabeth was formerly the Finance Director at Hugo Boss, covering the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

The Board

The Board is responsible for the long-term success of the Company. It is responsible for overall Group strategy; approval of major investments; approval of the annual and interim results; annual budgets; and Board structure. It monitors the exposure to key business risks and reviews the strategic direction of all trading subsidiaries, their annual budgets and their performance in relation to those budgets.

Remuneration committee

The remuneration committee consists of the Chairman and the non-executive Directors. It is chaired by John Clarke and meets as required during the year.

The committee reviews the performance of the executive Directors and sets and reviews the scale and structure of their remuneration and the basis of their remuneration and the terms of their service agreements with due regard to the interests of Shareholders. In determining the remuneration of executive Directors, the remuneration committee seeks to enable the Company to attract and retain executives of the highest calibre. The remuneration committee also makes recommendations to the Board concerning the allocation of share options to employees.

No Director or Proposed Director is permitted to participate in discussions or decisions concerning their own remuneration.

Audit committee

The audit committee consists of the Chairman and the non-executive Directors. It is chaired by Raymond Duignan and it meets at least twice each year.

The audit committee is responsible for ensuring that the financial performance of the Company is properly reported on and monitored and for meeting with the auditors and reviewing the reports from the auditors relating to accounts and internal control systems. The audit committee meets once a year with the auditors without executive Board members present.

Nominations committee

The nominations committee consists of the Chairman and the non-executive Directors. It is chaired by John Clarke and meets as required, at least once during the year.

The nominations committee is responsible for reviewing the structure, size and composition of the Board, making recommendations to the Board with regard to any changes and identifying and nominating candidates to fill Board vacancies.

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