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Your free sample pack includes 3 x GO Isotonic Energy Gels (Lemon & Lime, Orange and Cherry ), 1 x GO Energy + Caffeine Gel (Double Espresso), 1 x GO Electrolyte 40g Sachet (Tropical), 1 x REGO Rapid Recovery 40g Sachet (Chocolate) & Beta Fuel 84g (Lemon & Lime).

Key Features: GO Electrolyte

  • As easy to drink as water, GO Electrolyte puts back what you sweat out.
  • Ideal for indoor workouts, exercise in the heat or any time when you are sweating heavily or dehydrating.
  • Fast hydration plus sustained energy for before and during exercise.
  • When you want a balance of energy and hydration.
  • Light on the stomach.


Key Features: REGO Rapid Recovery Powder

  • To recover, rebuild and support the body's adaptation to training.
  • A full spectrum recovery product for periods of intense training.
  • Use immediately after exercise to help your body adapt to increased training demands to become stronger as quickly as possible.
  • Easy on the stomach, so it can be taken after hard exercise.


Key Features: GO Isotonic Gel 60ml

  • Fast energy gel - no need for water.
  • Provides a fast, convenient energy boost.
  • The world's first isotonic energy gel to be clean in the mouth and easy to digest.
  • Winner of the Queens award for enterprise, this innovative product continues to be seen at the forefront by endurance athletes.
  • Use during endurance sessions and events to help avoid flagging.


Key Features: GO Energy + Caffeine (Double Espresso)

  • 75mg of caffeine per gel
  • 21 grams of carbohydrate per gel
  • Formulation delivering energy fast and effectively
  • Contents: 6 x 60ml gels per pack


Key Features: Beta Fuel

  • 2:1 ratio maltodextrin:fructose
  • 80g total carbohydrate
  • Isotonic
  • pH neutral
  • Natural flavours and sweetener
  • Added Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium

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Nutritional Info

For nutitional information about the individual products within this pack, please see the relevant product page for each product.

Examples for each product are available here:

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  • GO Energy + Caffeine Gels
  • GO Isotonic Gel
  • Beta Fuel
  • REGO Rapid Recovery
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