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Training Bundle

€ 99,00
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  • Bundle Includes:
    • 2 x GO Isotonic Energy Gels 6 Packs
    • GO + Caffeine Energy Gels 6 Pack
    • GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels 6 Pack
    • GO Electrolyte 500g
    • REGO Rapid Recovery 500g
    • 800ml Pro Bottle
800ml Pro Yellow Bottle   + € 0,00

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Training Bundle
Training Bundle

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€ 99,00

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    Key Features: GO Isotonic Energy Gels

    • Fast acting energy gel.
    • No need for additional water.
    • Informed Sport tested.

    Key Features: GO + Caffeine Energy Gels

    • Flavoured maltodextrin gel with caffeine and added sweeteners.
    • High caffeine content: 75mg.
    • Award winning gel technology delivers energy fast.
    • Clean in the mouth and easy to digest.

    Key Features: GO Energy + Electrolyte Gels

    • 22g of carbohydrate per gel.
    • Formulation delivering energy fast and effectively.
    • 0.3g salt per gel to provide key electrolytes lost through sweat.

    Key Features: GO Electrolyte 500g Tub

    • As easy to drink as water, SiS GO Electrolyte puts back what you sweat out.
    • Ideal for indoor workouts, exercise in the heat or any time when you are sweating heavily or dehydrating.
    • Fast hydration plus sustained energy for before and during exercise.
    • When you want a balance of energy and hydration.
    • It is light on the stomach.
    • Use before to prepare and during sport when you are sweating heavily.
    • Available in Lemon & Lime, Blackcurrant, Tropical Fruit 1.6kg Tubs.

    Key Features: REGO Rapid Recovery Drink Powder

    • To recover, rebuild and support the body's adaptation to training.
    • When you are in a training programme and need your body to adapt to increasing demands.
    • A full spectrum recovery product for periods of intense training.
    • Developed with feedback from the Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, it helps your muscles to recover and rebuild.
    • Use immediately after exercise to help your body adapt to increased training demands to become stronger as quickly as possible.
    • Easy on the stomach, so it can be taken after hard exercise.

    Key Features: 800ml Pro Yellow Bottle:

    • Unique easy mix system
    • Soft rubber nozzle
    • Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape
    • Lockable valve for leakproof transport
    • Dishwasher safe

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